Welcome to the Dollhouse Poledance, Polefitness & Aerial Skills Studio!

We are happy that you have gathered the courage and curiosity to consider taking poledance classes.

In our studio, you can start with the basics and become a true sports and fitness professional.  And, if you are really motivated, you can participate in competitions too!

Step by step, you will notice that you are improving.  You will become stronger, more self-confident and sporty.  Achieve your goals through the challenging, acrobatic, and feminine art of poledance!

The sport of poledance made its debut in Hungary in 2004 with the help of Alma Pirner, exotic dance world champion, when she opened the Dollhouse Dance Studio.

Thanks to our students and trainers, poledance spread quickly in the country.

Dollhouse represents a way of life with femininity, health, and happiness at the centre. We would like to act as an example by doing sports and trying very hard to live an ideal and balanced life.  Dollhouse is more than dance, it is a lifestyle!

Poledance is not only a spectacular acrobatic sport, full of strength and flexibility elements, it's a form of performing art and self-expression. It can be combined with several styles, so new types of poledance are created around the world on a daily basis.

In our technical classes you can learn the acrobatic and strength elements of poledance, starting with the basics for beginners to the more difficult and advanced movements. We have listed the steps from level 1 to 5 and you can pass a level by doing an exam.

However, poledance can be dangerous so your safety is a priority!

Other than poledance you can try many other class types connecting to the pole in their own way. Burn calories, form your shape, and gain more stamina at our strength increasing, stretching, ballet and choreograph classes!

If you would like to try something unique, visit an aerial gymnastics class! You will face new challenges at the effeminate and elegant Aerial Silk or the Aerial Hoop class. You will learn, step by step, how to get your feet off the ground, so there is no need to fear the beginner classes.

Our trainers are highly qualified, plus you can take classes from world champion instructors! Ilka Bardóczy and Barbara Pálmaffy are world champions in the doubles category in 2011 and 2012.

Don't hesitate, have a look at the timetable by clicking here, or watch videos about our classes in the "Watch in!" menu.  Choose your favourite class and get started!

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact us via e-mail (pest@rudtanc.hu) or by phone ( 06 31 319 5000 ).

You are always welcome!

Dollhouse Team


Why choose the Dollhouse Poledance Studio?

- Dollhouse Poledance is more than just a sport; it is something new centred around femininity.

- You not only learn a new sport, you learn self-confidence too.

- You are instructed by world champion and highly qualified, accredited trainers.

- By having a healthy sports routine (5 times a week), you only pay 1.100 HUF for a class!*

- You can spend your free time at high quality, trend setting programs, where the price is in line with the value.

- Your safety and satisfaction is our first priority.

- Our aim is to make you say "I'm happy to be a part of this!"

* when purchasing a Jackpot pass


100% costumer satisfaction guarantee

 You didn't like the class you participated in? Your 100% costumer satisfaction is very important to us. If the class didn't meet your expectations, give back your class ticket or pass and you get your money back!